Mister Donut is like the equivalent to Dunkin Donuts in the States. Except, they’re in Taiwan. I didn’t really notice Mister Donut as I was walking the streets of Taipei, strangely, but it didn’t take long for me to spot the English word, “Donut”, on someone’s bag on a bus in Taipei. My eyes immediately locked in. Target. Sighted. Target. Locked.

My wife and I decided the best way to get to Mister Donuts this one particular morning while sightseeing was to walk. Turns out, it was very decent walk. As in, it was a good 30-plus minute walk to cover 1.5 miles around the Taipei city streets and through alleys.

Though, to find Mister Donut was a bit of a trick. Mister Donut, this one anyways, is located within the Taipei City Hall bus depot. And attached to that depot is mix of retailers like a mall. Google Maps was not quite exact in where Mister Donut was, so it took another 10 minutes wandering around to find the place. When we did, I was super excited.

The donuts all over the front-casing were decorated in the Halloween spirit. Side note: the Taiwanese people really decorate and are excited about Halloween. Stores and places everywhere were festive.

Mister Donuts, as it turns out, offers Pon de Ring donuts–you know, those donuts that are shaped like they’re made up of balls / pearls like a baby’s teething ring. And, they’re mochi. These are very similar to MoDo donuts from Hawaii I had earlier this year, and if you read those reviews (Cookies and Cream and Kuro Black Sesame), you know I was super excited about these.

There was no real seating area nearby. My wife and I ended up sitting on a window sill nearby to scarf down our donuts as we people-watched folks scurrying through the bus depot. And like them, we went about our day satisfied with teething ring donuts in our bellies.

Where is Mister Donut (Taipei City Hall Bus Station, Taipei, Taiwan)?