Oh Misaki Donuts… how you gave me fuel on our trek to see the great Buddha (Statue). That is, Misaki Donuts was the third donut stop in my Japanese travails. Here was the stop-as-we-go itinerary:

Misaki is located in Kamakura, the former capital of Japan. On this day, my colleagues and I were sightseeing. We had stopped into a temple nearby and were walking quite a way away to see the great Buddha statue — Kōtoku-in. We walked from the Kamakura metro station to the statue and took a long route, navigating about 18,000 steps around town.


The great Buddha statue in Kamakura, Kotoku-in

On our way, we got to experience a lot about the Japanese culture as well as the tourist aspects of the route we took. Every other store seemed to be a pastry shop or coffee shop. I actually stopped into a donut shop early on during our walk, but they only had a couple donuts. The gist: they didn’t look appetizing.

Later on our walk through the town, we stumbled upon Misaki — a bright pink-signed little shop standing out on this sunny side of the street.

As we walked in, the shop was much like many other Japanese shops — narrow but deep. Thankfully, this little shop had several donuts, and they all looked good. Much like the pastry shops before it, this one had a French touch to it as evidenced by the donut I ended up selecting — the Custard Cream Eclair.

It was a welcome donut and energy boost during our several-mile hike. The staff was courteous and, thankfully, they also understood some English so I didn’t have to act like a caveman in pointing to the donut I had my eye on.

Clean store. Simple. Plentiful donuts. What more can you ask for when you’re walking several miles to see the great Buddha in the ancient city of Kamakura?

Where is Misaki Donuts (Kamakura)?