Fashioned + Fried is owned by a couple with an infant (at least on this May 26th day) who will likely grow up either LOVING donuts or HATING them—from having them all the time. Needless to say, the couple spends hours creating these beautiful halos of confectionary.

Fashioned + Fried has done a great job of building a following on social media. In fact, it was seeing the many posts and Likes from friends that made me realize Fashioned + Fried was a new donut baker in town. And I say, “baker”, because the couple currently works with retailers who embrace local businesses to present popups for donut lovers. It ends up being a great little publicity stunt, too, for the retailer. For me, I kept seeing Fashioned + Fried posts that shown off glorious donuts, but as a popup, timing did not work out for months to catch them.

Finally, I got a notice about a popup a month away in May held at the local West Elm store. Realizing I may be in town, I invited friends to come along while keeping the event on my calendar. No way I was going to miss this one!

I was one of the first three customers so I got to really have the pick of the lot. The trays were set tucked inside the West Elm with just donut after donut. It was a beautiful sight to behold for sure. Everything looked amazing.

Behind the table covered with donuts were the owners—one supporting the other by keeping their infant tucked into one of those popular baby carriers. It was great. They were exceptionally friendly, and handled the whole event with ease. That’s the great part of technology these days (as an enthusiast of technology, too)—technology really lets businesses like Fashioned + Fried start, grow, and beyond.

I’m a big fan of the popup model. It keeps costs low while also supporting a low wasted inventory of donuts in case by some ridiculousness not all the donuts get snapped up. It was a great experience. Though, if there are too many of these delicious popups, the accounts I follow on Instagram and Facebook will surely inundate my feed with drool-inducing pictures and videos of these beautiful creations.

Where is Fashioned + Fried (Popup)?