Mmm Donut hopes to objectively (and subjectively) assess donuts based on a number of factors called the Donutal Dimensions. The 6 Donutal Dimensions — combined with the Taste Tags — make up the rubric to which all donuts are reviewed.

What is important to know, too, is that Mmm Donut is a review site for individual donuts, not the donut shops/ artisans. In this way, there will be several donuts reviewed per shop/ artisan.

The 6 Donutal Dimensions

SDQ – “sprinkle density quotient” – Measure of how covered a donut is of sprinkles. The higher the rating, the more sprinkles. (Read: the better.)

D2“dough density” – Do you like a good cake donut? Or perhaps you’re a fan of the lighter, airier donut? Dough density refers to just that — the higher the rating, the heavier the donut.

Fro“frosting factor” – Frosting. Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about straight sugary frosting or the butter frosting. We’re talking about coverage. We’re about height. We’re talking FROSTING.

Fru“fruitiness”How much fruit or fruit-flavor is on this halo of deliciousness? That’s what we’re measuring. We’re not health nuts here so it’s not about real, straight-from-the-seed fruit. Delight us.

Cho“chocoholicism” – Chocolate is like one of those natural ingredients for donuts. Of course, some donuts just forgo the natural ingredients. Others bake into chocolate into the dough. So if you’re a Chocoholic, how’s this going to satiate your taste buds?

Uni“uniqueness” Donuts are like snowflakes, except they’re not. They don’t just melt and you’re left with water. In this case, if they melt, that water will likely be your drool. But like snowflakes, some donuts can be a little more special than others in design, taste, dough, etc.

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