Who would’ve thunk it that San Francisco would have so many donut places. I put San Francisco on a pedestal after a San Franciscan once scoffed at me for asking where a cupcake shop was (I’m into cupcakes, too). But lo and behold, my most recent visit was met by donut shop recommendations. So while wandering the streets of SF (abbreviating from now on because the whole name is just too much to type, and I’ve been scoffed at (again!) for saying, “San Fran”), I pulled up the recommendations provided by my work colleague (we were there for work) passed on by an investor in town.

To be honest, Vive La Tarte was not the first donut shop I visited this day. However, looking at the establishment of the first one, I decided to take several steps backwards and go elsewhere. Vive La Tarte was that elsewhere.

As you peruse the pictures, you’ll realize that Vive La Tarte is a bakery, not solely focused on the confectionary halos of delight. Then again, you’ll also realize Vive La Tarte does not pitter patter, knead, or form halos in the first place. Instead, they’re more familiar for their filled donuts.

The place was big and airy… the employee behind the counter was serving up a giant smile and patience along with their really amazingly beautiful baked goods. I couldn’t help but just ogle and take pictures of all the different pastries behind the glass after I had select the donut I wanted. Everything looked awesome. I ended up getting a Sesame Yuzu Croissant for my colleague, too. I don’t know what Yuzu was, but it looked awesome. Apparently, it tasted awesome, too. I’ll have to stop by here again to try more of their pastries.

You can check out the donut I got on my first visit — the Vanilla Donut.

Otherwise, nice place. Real swanky kind of place. Clean. Big. But really, the environment could’ve been more like the first shop I visited, but with these pastries in the window, I would’ve surely stayed and not gone elsewhere.

Where is Vive La Tarte (San Francisco, CA)