Third stop! That is, Tip Top Donuts was the third stop on my first ever Donut Tour. Still can’t believe this was my first. But hey, now that I’ve done one, the rest should just follow, right? That is, Donut Tours ALL THE TIME! Just kidding. Sometimes. Maybe.

Anyways, Tip Top was the third and final stop after our three-shop “eatinerary” including:

This store reminded me a lot of Daytime Donuts down in Valdosta with a standalone building and, to me, an awkward setup inside. It’s largely awkward because I’m still unfamiliar of these types of stores. I always expect the typical fast food setup like a Chick-Fil-A or McDonald’s that have been ingrained in me from my younger years. Donuts, for the most part, should be pretty fast no matter what, right?

Anyways, Tip Top Donuts was simple with the order counter in front of your typical showcase of donuts. Check in, get out, and go about your delicious ways with the ample seating area. The donuts were cheap. I purchased two (one for myself, and another for my accompanying friends). (Hey, they could’ve gotten more, but they were stuffed after the previous stops.) It came out to something absurd like a couple bucks. As I say that, is that absurd? Should simple donuts cost more? I hope not. Gives me more opportunities to buy more in the future.

The store was a bit dim, too, but I’m a no-frills guy, so as long as what I came here for was good (the donut!), that’s all that mattered to me. And hey, the table and the chairs didn’t collapse. I’m pretty much good from there.

Simple donuts. I wouldn’t say the best like Tip Top of the donutary world, but for where you can get them for how much you can get them, why wouldn’t you want to grab a few?

Where is Tip Top Donuts (Marietta, GA)?