The Local Moose Cafe is a cafe. It says so right there in the name. So perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised it didn’t have much inventory at 4PM on a Saturday. Maybe?

In any case, Yelp! said this would be a good spot to get a donut, and despite the limited assortment (there was one in view, and they made me a special one on the spot), it was good. I would not say it was in my top donut spots. Their donuts were good, but The Local Moose was clearly more a cafe and less donut delight shop.

The ambiance of The Local Moose was good. There was good lighting and good table space from small surfaces to the larger, communal tables. I liked the ambiance. If it were in my hometown, I could see myself plopping down my computer and churning out work.

Alas, I feel that I might not have given The Local Moose Cafe a fair shake for donuts given the time of day and limited inventory. The donuts were good, though, so perhaps the cafe warrants a second visit in the future. Your thoughts?