Sublime Doughnuts is a local chain in Atlanta with locations in Brookhaven, next to Georgia Tech, and even in Bangkok, Thailand — okay, a little farther than “local”. For many like yours truly, Sublime is the always-available splurge. It is open 24 hours after all.

Walk into Sublime, and you get a sense the place is super clean. In fact, it smells like it. On any given weekend evening, you’ll likely encounter a short line. What holds your attention, though, is the assortment of wild donuts and the cooler for ice cream. Yes, you can order donuts and ice cream… and both! The doughnut [ice cream] burger is awesome — and messy.

Sublime has a number of unique doughnuts with special weekly flavors sometimes consisting of cereal toppings (fruit loops) or other snacks like Reese’s pieces.

Given its close proximity to my home and its delicious donuts, I do my best to only go when someone else wants to go. Once I go by myself… uh oh.

Where Is Sublime?