I have friends who have telling me about Dandy Donuts for years. Then, I’ve also driven by Dandy Donuts probably twice a month, at least. It’s not far from me. However, I’ve always wanted to go with my friends. For various reasons, we never made it happen until this past weekend (Sunday, July 22nd). Finally, I was able to go with my friends and their kids.

Driving up to Sub-Base Dandy Donuts, you wouldn’t expect proper donuts. After all, I couldn’t tell what “Sub-Base” was. I wonder if there was two names just smashed together to form one store sign. I was confused.

As you enter, you get the sense that the store is indeed an amalgamation of different foods and cultures. The store has hints of an Asian owner with the typical flair I’ve come to expect from my Chinese ancestors – big green leafy plants next to the window, less attention to the ambiance as you would expect from gourmet donut parlors, odds and ends décor, shall I go on? The store is only a few minutes away from the famous Buford Highway strip of ethnic foods, and it’d fit in perfectly there as it does on a side street off Peachtree (Industrial).

You approach the store-length counter with a clear-cut bifurcation of ordering donuts vs. the sandwiches (this must be the “sub” part of the name) and other food fair. The donut collection is to the left with the similar layout as you’d expect. No frills, just donuts.

The donuts are not gourmet as I’ve visited so often during Mmm… Donut. Instead, they’re very simple propositions. They’re created for maximum value – delivering on both simple taste and simple cost. I don’t even recall how much each donut was. However, I bought my two donuts (the Chocolate Sour Cream and Sprinkles) + two donuts and a bag of Doritos chips for my friends’ family for the grand total of $7.25. And that includes a $0.25 upcharge for paying with a credit card for an amount less than $10.

Dandy Donuts delivers no-frills, simple donuts. It’s a great local spot where you can imagine neighbors make frequent and scheduled stops. Truthfully, this is my type of establishment; and not because of my Chinese roots. Instead, it’s a local shop that delivers on what they should. It’s owned by seemingly first-generation entrepreneurs.

Where is Sub-Base Dandy Donuts?