Small MI Donuts is actually a donut stand, not a store, specifically. The stand is located on the main strip of LinJian Street Night Market. It’s almost easy to overlook with the hustle and bustle of a Taiwanese night market with street vendors everywhere. Almost as I have keen eye for halos of confectionary goodness considering it’s practically a fuel source for me. The vendors sell everything from slippers and costumes for cats to stinky tofu, flame-broiled steak, and yes, these millet donuts.

The market is super busy. It’s a paradise for food gurus with most options costing no more than a few American dollars. The donuts here were no exception costing very a little more than $1 for one.

Did you already catch that the donuts are millet donuts? Know what that is? No? Well, neither did I. In fact, I didn’t realize to think much about it other than it was the name of the vendor. Except, it’s not. Millet is a type of grain. It’s supposed to be very healthy, packed full of nutrients. It’s also vegan and gluten-free. Who would’ve thunk it that a night market would have such a fancy donut.

The donuts were quick to make. Though, they typically have several at the ready that the vendor quickly sprinkles or drizzles whatever topping the buyer wants.

I had a lot of delicious food here at the night market. I had just completed the 24+-hour journey from home, and immediately hit the night market. However, it was such a great way to start off my vacation. And this donut stand… one of my favorite donuts of all time. That’s right. I liked it that much.

Where is Small MI Donuts (Linjiang Street Night Market, Taipei, Taiwan)?