Siretoco Factory is not an easy store to get to. In fact, there’s a cover charge in the form of a train ticket. That’s right – Siretoco Factory is located within Tokyo Station in Tokyo Japan.

This is donut stop #2 while I was on a business trip to Japan. The Japanese donut chronicles goes:

After 10 minutes trying to find where Siretoco was located including speaking to Information counters at the Tokyo station (and doing a poor job of asking for directions – lots lost in translation), we found out we had to buy a train ticket to get past the turnstiles. Any price ticket would do, so we chose the cheapest at 140 Yen ~$1.28.

Getting past the turnstiles meant entering the bustling Tokyo Station where more than 3,000 trains pass through daily. And with Tokyo’s tight quarters and heavy pedestrian population, Tokyo Station is a sight to behold. This also made our trip to Siretoco a true adventure. Our many twists and turns and poor navigating just added to the adventure and growing need to get a donut from this shop.

Yelp showed colorful pictures of the shop complete with cute, delectable cats in donuts. So as we made our way through the bustling station with monochromatic commuters (in the winter, most of the Japanese wore black jackets and coats, very little color), we were on the look out for a shop that stood out. After many stops asking for directions, we finally found the shop tucked inside a brightly lit corridor of other shops. The corridor reminded me of the perfume section of a large department store. But off to the side was a pink-dominated but other-colorfully lit shop full of things. We made it to Siretoco!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything on display at Siretoco, but I was fixated on the confectionary kitten-decorated donuts behind the glass counter. I wanted to get a donut that had one of these little cats tucked into the middle of the donut, and they had quite the selection. I don’t believe there were that many flavors. Here, the variety was about the designs of the donuts.

As a grown man, I felt a little sheepish about being as excited as I was to get one of these donuts. I could see my young niece being the target audience. But hey, when you’re a donut blogger, you get the cat-in-the-donut!

The shop was fun. The trip was fun, if not worthwhile for the experience. It’s a place where I could see many donut aficionados or folks who generally enjoy cut cat things or other fun edible treats.

If you’re going to stop into Tokyo and have to travel through Tokyo Station, find your way over to Siretoco down a brightly-lit corridor. Otherwise, note that you have to get a train ticket to get into the Station to get to the donut shop. Or, just have fun exploring and trying to translate directions. It’s all fun.

Where is Siretoco Factory (Keiyo Street Store)?