I really don’t make many house calls. House calls for work, that is. Visits to customers, that is. A few weeks ago, I ventured out to southern California to check out Krazy Eddy’s Donuts & Bagels. This week, I decided to venture the 25 minutes north of Atlanta to Alpharetta to pick up some materials from a customer. Why? Because it was just minutes from Scream’n Nuts. I could’ve asked the customer to meet in the middle or just have them ship the materials to me, but again, donuts.

A couple quick points about why I wanted to check out Scream’n Nuts –

  1. I grew up in Alpharetta, but I haven’t been back home in a while. In fact, Scream’n Nuts is just a couple miles from my middle school.
  2. One of the last times I was in Alpharetta, I went to a restaurant. While waiting for family to arrive, I noticed a new store was opening. That store is Scream’n Nuts.
  3. Just a few weeks who when was in California, a friend sent me an Instagram post from Scream’n Nuts. Looked delicious.

I visited the shop on a Tuesday around 10AM, so it was very slow. It allowed me to really take my time. Walking up, I was surprised the store was as big as it was. Most donut shops I’ve been to are at half or a third the size of Scream’n Nuts. It also reminded me a lot of Sublime Doughnuts with a very clean environment.

After taking in the shop, my eyes were drawn to the large display of donuts. They kept the donuts on trays directly on the counter, not slanted in stadium-seating like most places. Seemed like the donuts were delicate and too intricate and not necessary to pack them onto shelves. (Or, they just had a ton of space, so why not?)

They were very ornate donuts. Gourmet. The woman behind the counter gave me a quick run-down of the recently voted “best donuts” in Georgia. She talked about how bakers came to the store at 3AM. Then, the “designers” came by at 5AM to decorate and design. (Explains the ornateness.) Then, the store opened at 7AM.

They even had a donut cone that can be proffered for their ice creams. This was incredibly tempting, but I hadn’t eaten much that morning, yet, and thought I would be too hyped up for ice cream AND donuts in the morning.

The two donuts I picked up were great – Chocolate Toffee and White Chocolate Nutella. They were heavier in the ice cream than I expected. But then again, the ones I got had buttercream icing which tends to be heavier than straight sugar. The donuts also kept the donut hole filled – so, no donut hole. They kept them filled so they could continue to layer and fill the top with their designs, and yes, icing.

Solid experience, and glad I ventured out of my way to check out Scream’n Nuts. *ahem!* I mean, glad I ventured out of my way to see my customers.

New thought: I may need to start picking my customers based on where the great donuts shops are. ?