I don’t know Sarah, but she makes some great donuts.

I’ve been monitoring the top local donut lists which prompted my donut tour back in October 2019–visiting Marietta Donuts, Doughnut Dollies, and Tip Top Donuts. On that list and relatively close by was a shop called Sarah Doughnuts. Maybe it was because of its relative close proximity that I didn’t visit the closest location. It’s a chain with several locations around great metropolitan Atlanta area.) Since I’ve known about Sarah Donuts, it’s probably been 2 years till I finally stopped in.

On this particular day, it was National Donut Day. To be specific, it was the first one of 2020. I took a break from my work day to venture out and finally make my long-awaited stop at Sarah’s.

I should point out, too, that this was the first donut reviews where I did not eat the donut in-shop. Instead, I had them at home. Why? We’re still progressing through the coronavirus pandemic which meant it was safest to be outdoors in public rather than indoors. For this reason, I ordered my donuts at the counter and booked it out there—both to be out of the store and to be back home where I could savor these confectionary delights.

What struck me when I first pulled up was the giant donut on the wall of the location. Sarah must be doing well to occupy two storefronts. It turns out that behind the store is where all the yeast rises and the magic happens.

Sarah Donuts churns out more than yeast-risen donuts and the old-fashioned variety. They also have their share of cake donuts and other pastries. It seems that if sweet is not just your thing, savory works well here, too.

And carrying into the store is not just the great pink donut décor on the outside, but also, the illustrative map of Sarah Donuts’ proliferation from its hometown in Texas all the way to here—ATL.

Sarah knows her donuts. I wish I had visited Sarah Donuts long ago. It’s one of those places with delicious donuts that… yeah, I wish I’ve been having these all my life. I’ll have to make up for lost time. 😉

Where is Sarah Donuts (Decatur, GA)?