I was on the beautiful islands of St. Kitts and Nevis late July. What a great couple islands minus the hungry mosquitos on Nevis. The scenery was beautiful dotted with beaches and views; however, the islands were sparse in donut shops. Do a quick search on Google, and there’s really not much. The top shop that was recommended was more of a coffee shop with other sandwiches + donuts, Rituals.

It was a 15-minute drive from the resort I was at; so, we called in a taxi to take us into town to Rituals. On the way to Rituals and through the winding road rising and dipping between mountains and along coasts, the taxi driver informed me the ride would be $25… and $25 back. Yowza. However much this donut was about to cost came with a $50 transportation fee. I tried to negotiate with him, but he wouldn’t budge. Even after telling him my taxi from the airport to the southern tip of the island (a much longer trip) cost only $30, he was fixed on $25 each way.

Our taxi driver proceeded to run his hand along the dashboard and caress his cloth interior and 2001 CD stereo head unit telling me this was a “VIP taxi”. “This is executive!” He asked me if the other taxi was anywhere close to being this nice.

“Yes, actually, it was nicer and bigger,” I responded. Truthfully.

Like Scrooge McDuck, he scoffed at me. “That was a gypsy driver! I’m VIP!”

Not one to bust the bubble of a taxi driver on a foreign resort island, I decided with my girlfriend that we’d pay the taxi driver off at Rituals, and not have him wait on us. We’d find another ride.

This will be the most expensive donut by miles. Literally, miles and dollars. You know what they say… “anything for the ‘Gram!” Also, “YOLO!” Also, “Mmm… Donut!”

After arriving, we waved off the taxi driver, and handed him the money. (Actually, I might’ve been a dollar short because I found an extra dollar later in my pocket. Inadvertent. I swear. Probably. Maybe.)

Walking up, I had a feeling I was walking into a Caribbean version of Starbucks. Once inside, I didn’t think Starbucks. Of course, I didn’t know how best to categorize it other than a coffee shop. It was dark, but was well occupied by several patrons seated at tables – many with laptops not unlike the coffee shops I was familiar with back home.

Walking up to the counter to order, it was hard to find where the donuts were. Again, this place was more “and we have donuts” kind of place. Though, the service folks at the resort recommended Rituals for donuts as well.

The donuts looked pretty simple save for they were massive. They didn’t have names. They also didn’t have neatly separated donuts. Instead, the different donut types were intermingled in a single section. I chose one for a friend that was decorated with pink, green, and purple sugar that reminded me of a New Orleans King Cake. Then, I selected a more untraditional donut for myself – a Blueberry Filling Donut. I’m usually a fan of donuts with sprinkles, but the one on display was so lightly sprinkled that it would’ve rated very low on the Sprinkle Density Quotient (SDQ) that it might as well forgo the sprinkles.

After wrapping up eating the Blueberry Filling Donut, we hailed the next taxi. Found out the price would actually be $24. Take that, first taxi driver!

At the end of the donut trip, I can’t say the donut itself was worth it. (Read the review!) However, perhaps in my collection of stories and Mmm… Donut reviews, it was well worth it.

So if you’ve got a hankering for donuts, have a blog or special Instagram account, sure, go out of your way for this place. If you’re just looking for a donut, save yourself the trouble and enjoy the views of St. Kitts (& Nevis – the other island).

Where is Rituals?