Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee (but let’s face it, we’re here for the doughnuts/ donuts) is a popular artisan amongst the folks with more dietary restrictions. They’re a fantastic shop for those looking for vegan and gluten-free donuts.

On this day (Tuesday, 08/14, 2018), I ventured to the Atlanta location off Edgewood near midtown without really realizing. I’ve been to Revolution before. Turns out that there are two locations, and I thought I was going to the Decatur location some 15-20 minutes away. In any case, my previous visit was before I started this site. I was eager to come to Revolution and do my first reviews.

I was equally excited as my coworker and friend, Jason, was the one who invited me to join. He’s a vegan, and he and his family love Revolution. Me? I just love donuts. Jason knew about my site, so he was interested to also see the process. He didn’t tell me that, but I’m assuming this because… well, why wouldn’t you be? I’m documenting donuts.

Anyways, it’s a simple shop as you can see. What was real cool was Revolution had a promotion for a “mystery” box. For 12 donuts for $12 (!!!!! what a deal!!!), you get whatever came in the box. They wouldn’t even give you any hints as to what was inside. They did, however, tell us if the donuts were all vegan or gluten-free. At least they did that else we would’ve just gotten individual donuts.

In this case, it worked out great. We got a dozen delicious donuts — Jason with a set of six and myself with the rest. So many great options in the box. We definitely walked away thinking we got a really great mystery box.

In our box included Orange Pistachio Yeast Raised, Dark Chocolate Yeast Raised, Chocolate Baked Cake, True Blueberry Yeast Raised, and others. If you just read over those donuts and didn’t raise an eyebrow or be curious, then take another moment. Not only do they use yeast as part of their process, but they have different styles in baked vs. yeast raised. Not all artisans create their confectionary halos with different processes in addition to the creativity in toppings and otherwise.

Add to that, the place has free stickers and a friendly staff who was open to giving us another box and as much wax paper as we wanted.

The only gripe that I truly have is parking. It can be tricky if the streets are full already. There’s a grassy lot across the street, but I think that was reserved for the nearby preschool.

I want to end this with, “Pretty simple stuff. Check them out, especially if you have dietary restrictions”, but truly, it can be as complex as you want from their creation process to the toppings to the mystery box. Instead, I’ll leave you with, “life is like a box of mystery, you never know what you’re gonna get.”

… except you’ll know the box has some mixture of whatever donuts they have on display. So, maybe kind of mysterious.

Where is Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee?