Waikiki reminds me a lot of Hawaii + the glitzy expensive stores and energy of LA’s Rodeo Drive. So, of course, Waikiki wouldn’t have just ordinary donuts here. In fact, Waikiki’s MoDo donut shop provides consumers with mochi dough donuts that are in the shape of a large-beaded necklace. It fits in with the theme of expensive pearl necklaces that fit in so well with the rest of the haute couture neighborhood.

Getting to MoDo proved to be difficult for me because I relied primarily on highly-rated donut shops on Google Maps. This provided me with directions that were great… kind of. The trick was that MoDo is not actually a storefront in the mall that it is found in. Why? Because MoDo is part of a another store that IS in the mall directory, Mitsuwa.

I took a good 10 or so minutes walking around the area trying to find MoDo including scouring the mall directory. It took my wife to ask a security guard for directions and found out MoDo was a part of a larger store and it was buried in the back of that store. A quick search for MoDo on Google Search returned advice from previous patrons to go to the Mitsuwa store to find MoDo. Oops.

Anyways, the store occupies a small stall towards the back. They sell these beaded necklace-shaped donuts that are made with mochi flour. Mochi flour is akin to rice flour which makes the donuts a hint chewy. That’s not a bad thing. Instead, it’s a nice change of pace from other donuts. And with its very slight chewy texture, as you sink your teeth in, it almost gives you this odd “clean cut / bite” feeling.

The flavors have the Japanese flair to them with frosting flavors including Kuro cookies ‘n cream (and subsequent little crunchy topping), black sesame, earl grey (the tea), and more.

The beads also means you can tear off bite-sized chunks good for sharing. Though, I realize that sharing is not always a good thing. Well, unless the person(s) you’re sharing with shares their donut(s). Otherwise, these donuts are good enough you won’t want to.

In this way, I’m okay spending some money on the necklaces. These are the kind of jewelry l like.

Where is MoDo (Waikiki)?