Not-so-tucked away in a little Puerto Rican town of Rio Grande is Puertorrican Bakery, a bakery buzzing tourists clamoring for the delicious foods on display on TripAdvisor. Locals are in and out–most choosing to sit huddled outside the store and watch cars drive by the narrow street. Seems like a good time for people watching and a chance to guess who are the local drivers and who are the tourists based on how drivers take turns to pass down the thin corridor lined with cars parallel parked.

In the Puertorrican Bakery is all sort of fares that are prime for both morning and afternoon. That is, we have a menu of everything from Puerto Rican sandwiches much like Cubans and pork rinds to coffee and, yes, donuts. Given this was a vacation and my friends and I had just stopped by a local juice stand, we were now looking for sustenance (and coffee for the others). Me? Of course, I’m going to give the donut a go!

Though, I didn’t have too much of a choice. Donuts don’t seem to be as popular in the local Puerto Rican town we were staying at. Search for donuts on Google Maps, and very little comes up save for here, Puertorrican Bakery.

If you’re looking for an assortment of donuts, this is not the place. But given it’s really the only place, it turns out this is the place.

Luckily, I enjoyed my white-frosted donut. If they did more, maybe donuts could be a thing locals would crave.

Where is Puertorrican Bakery (Rio Grande, Puerto Rico)?