On my first visit to Marietta Donuts, it was the first stop to a three-shop Donut Tour. Yes, a Donut Tour. “What’s that?” you ask. Well, it’s visiting donuts shop one after another and consuming delicious, decadent halos of confectionary. In fact, that route is what my friend calls an “eatinerary”.

Our eatinerary:

It also means wearing any and all donut-related apparel to really immerse one’s self in all the donut glory. For example, I slid into these wonderful donut socks…

On this wonderful, and surprisingly first, Donut Tour for me, two friends accompanied me–including doing the rigorous driving. (Not that rigorous.)

Marietta Donuts was first up on our eatinerary. It was a quick and easy find; though, it was attached to a gas station. It certainly makes life convenient when you can fill up on gas and immediately grab a donut or two. (Or a dozen.)

The shop was small replete with several good luck ornaments–many of far eastern tradition and culture. So, that’s good, right? I was, in effect, lucky to be alive and to be able to dive into their donut collect. Of course, I would be even luckier if I were actually allowed to dive into a pool of donuts. Can you imagine? Don’t think I could eat my way out, but damn, would I need a shower after.

The donuts were very simple. Perhaps the combination of the Chinese decor as well as the simplicity of the donuts did I feel I found Marietta’s version of Chamblee’s Sub-Base and Dandy Donuts. Both feature no frills ambiance and donuts. Very simple, and that’s perhaps why I enjoyed stopping in and snagging up a couple delicious donuts.

Go get some donuts from Marietta Donuts now. Double points for being so efficient and getting gas at the same time.

Where is Marietta Donuts (Marietta, GA)?