Information about Lanky’s:

In the sleepy hours on Hilo, HI, a little shop tucked away in a sleepy strip mall lays a subtle pastry shop that serves very unassuming donuts. They open at 530AM and have a limited assortment of donuts. They also serve croissants, monkey fists, day-old sandwiches at discounts, and more. It’s called Lanky’s Pastries.

If you were to look for it without Google Maps, you’d likely miss it, especially as the sign for Lanky’s is not actually above the store itself. And if you go there early like I did, you wouldn’t think it was open. Then, you’d curse at Google Maps for leading you on. Then, realize the store is open and ask Google for forgiveness for ever doubting its all knowingness.

The shop does not have seats. They pretty much want you to buy what you want, and enjoy on your merry way.

The employee (at least one during my time there) is friendly. She showcases her assortment of two donuts—one glazed, one chocolate-frosted with sprinkles.

You want frills? Lanky’s is not the place. But if you want a surprisingly good donut when you’re in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii? This is the spot. If you’re up early because you’re still jet-lagged, even more reason to stop into Lanky’s.

Where is Lanky’s Pastries (Hilo)?