It’s rare that I don’t look forward to trying out a new donut shop. Like, really rare. However, in this case, I was. It had nothing to do with Krazy Eddy and all to do with my hectic travel and work schedule. I was exhausted. After a long Labor Day Weekend at Disney World waiting in lines and walking 7-10 miles everyday and hopping on planes from Orlando to Southern Cali and filming videos for a client back-to-back and then driving hours to visit a friend late at night for being jet-lagged, I was exhausted. And yet, the best time to go to find a donut shop given my schedule (and having to leave my last day in Cali and on-site with the client… the best time was at 6AM. I was tired. Nevertheless, I knew that once I bit into a donut, all would be well. All was indeed well here. If I would go out of my way like I did for Rituals in St. Kitts, then this would be a-okay.

I showed up at Krazy Eddy’s a little after 6AM exhausted. However, it was one of the top-rated donut shops around Irvine, CA. The “o” in the sign for Krazy Eddy’s Donuts & Bagels mimicked the illustration of a donut. My first thought, “so far, so good.”

I wasn’t sure if the shop would sell a wide variety of donuts or how “unique” their fare would be. (It wasn’t too unique.) However, they showcased a variety of donut-cooking skills with raised to cake and from traditional to crullers and something-filled. Pretty diverse for a little shop.

The environment was clean, but even better, the employee behind the counter was a cheery woman greeting everyone in the morning with so much pep and zest that she had probably had 23 cups of coffee herself already. I can imagine most folks who come in that morning for coffee aren’t ready for that much energy. Me, on the hand, I’m right there with her. Except, I’m busy figuring out which donuts to try.

The shop is easy to find. Easy to park at (at 6AM on a Thursday morning). It’s clean. The employee(s) is very friendly. And perhaps most importantly, the donuts a great. There’s a little bit of everything. To be honest, I don’t pay too much attention to the cost of donuts, but the costs seem on-par with others.

If you’re in the area and feel like a little extroverted energy can do you some good along with good donuts, check out Krazy Eddy.

(Wait, was her name Eddy?)

Where is Krazy Eddy’s Donuts & Bagels?