I’m lucky. These days, I don’t have to go foraging too hard for good donut shops. I owe this new level of satisfied gluttony confidence (I feel that’s a new “index” I should find a way to use) to two reasons:

  1. The world is starting to really appreciate donuts. This rising demand means more artisans are popping up.
  2. Since I started Mmm… Donut, more and more folks are sharing new donut shops. I get a lot of Instagram shares now.

Duck Donuts was a shop a couple friends recommended to me months ago. I hadn’t visited it even though it was maybe a mile away from my former office mainly because I wanted to go with my friends. I didn’t now much about Duck Donuts other than they close relatively early (7PM many evenings including weekends). I also knew that they were made-to-order like Da Vinci’s Donuts.

I wasn’t sure how I would review Duck Donuts if they were going to be made-to-order… as in, I would design my own. I feel like this journey has been all about picking donuts off the menu. However, Duck Donuts helped me out (and folks who usually struggle to pick amongst a bunch of options) — they had a Halloween menu. Perfect. Also, I came to Duck Donuts with a group of friends — there was six of us. This gave me a good picture of a variety of donuts since Duck Donuts really didn’t have any donuts pre-made.

I’ll be honest — I was a little skeptical about Duck Donuts because I was worried about the “cake” donuts. I like the fried or other-raised donuts, not necessarily those that are baked. However, these were great. The most surprisingly thing about the donuts that really added to the experience was they were warm. I don’t normally have donuts that are warm. Most shops have donuts sitting on a shelf/ rack. Unless you went to Krispy Kreme where you can get donuts fresh off the line, this is rare. My friends and I enjoyed the warm donuts. The warmth and the fact the toppings were made right there in front of us ensured freshness, not dry (a problem I find with many cake donuts).

I was a big fan of watching the employees dip our donuts in various glazes and sauces and whatever toppings.

It was a great experience all-around.

Let’s keep those recommendations coming!

Where is Duck Donuts (Buckhead)?