Doughnut Dollies has been getting rave reviews from Atlanta-area publications. One of my friends shared reviews of Doughnut Dollies with me, and this prompted us to go on a Donut Tour–visiting donut shop after donut shop in search of expanding our infinite wisdom of these delectable delights of halo confectionary. Doughnut Dollies was the second stop on our “eatinerary” this day. This day also turned out to be my first such Tour. Can’t believe that. It took me 34 years on this earth to finally take part in a Donut Tour. Well, you live and you learn.

On this day, our eatinerary looked like this:

Where our first stop at Marietta Donuts showcased a no-frills approach to store decor and simplified donuts, Doughnut Dollies showcased the artistic route with highly engaging designs–both their store and their donuts. Once we walked in, it was clear this store was going to be snazzy. The decor was top-notch and smelled of newness and cleanliness. This store could’ve been on the cover of Donut Living magazine. That’s not a real magazine, but if there was one, I’d imagine it’d be much like Home Living showcasing exemplary designs of shops and their delicious donuts.

Stroll deeper into the store, and the donuts are front and center on the counter shielded behind a glass force field. The donuts were all so beautiful. They were expertly crafted, and yes, big. They certainly weren’t the dinky, simple donuts you find in most stores. These were made with TLC.

I’m not a fancy guy, so the store and its donuts threw me off my game. Well, if I had game, I would’ve been knocked off. I’m a simple guy, so the store was a nice change of pace even if that meant I seemed out of place. But also, I felt like I was truly treating myself to something special.

And at the end of the day, aren’t you always treating yourself when you can take a bite into a soft, sweet donut complemented by a symphony of flavors like they had at Doughnut Dollies?

Yes. Live. It. Up. Donuts. For. Life!

Where is Doughnut Dollies (Marietta, GA)?