Recently, I visited the magical land of Disney World. (That’s the one in Orlando, FL.) There are donut shops around Orlando, but leaving the Disney World grounds can be downright dreadful with traffic. Luckily, donuts fit in well with the most magical place on earth. On this go-round, I found the local ice shop Plaza Ice Cream Parlor located on the main street of Disney’s Magic Kingdom had a Doughnut Sundae. Sweet. (Literally.)

Disney, at any time of year it seems, is a busy place. Add in a shop that sells ice creams and a sundae piled upon a donut, and there’s yet-another-line to wait in. In this particular shop, the line extended just outside the door and snaked in switchbacks all the way through the cashiers to the pick-up.

It’s a small shop. No real frills outside of the Disney theme throughout including the attire of the employees and their general cheerfulness.

If you’re looking for a real donut shop with lots of options, this is not it. It’s an ice cream shop who happens to also have a donut for one menu item. However, when you’re at Disney and you can get yourself a donut, why wouldn’t you?!

Where is Disney’s Plaza Ice Cream Parlor?