Valdosta, GA. Home of a little city in south Georgia. It’s one of the bigger cities when traversing from Atlanta to Orlando – a trip I’ve done many times to get to Disney World. Though, I hadn’t stopped in Valdosta other than for a pit stop during said road trip or my first Georgia Tech club soccer game. (I scored, by the way.) This time, Valdosta was my destination. I was visiting my girlfriend’s family.

On the way, there was a standalone donut shop. I didn’t have to go on Yelp! to find a donut shop. It was right there – plain as day(light). Boom! Honestly, I didn’t look to see if it was the most notorious in the area, but it seemed like a good place to stop in. My girlfriend and her parents pointed it out, too, so I can’t be going against what they suggest.

Not sure what I was expecting as I stepped inside, but it reminded me of a lower turn-over version of a McDonald’s. It was a simple small-town shop with a counter full of donuts. It was great to see, though, that Daylight Donuts had two sides of their counters of donuts. One side was the traditional raised with the right side housing all of the cake donuts.

Turns out, Daylight Donuts is a sizeable chain operating over 900 shops across 30 stores and 8 countries. I hadn’t ever heard of Daylight Donuts, but now, I’ll be on the lookout.

The donuts are good. What I liked the most about Daylight was their many different types of donuts. They were in-season for the fall with a pumpkin cake donut (it was out-of-stock by 9AM on this Saturday morning) and plenty of Halloween colored (sprinkled) donuts. Plus, they have various types of other donuts including the old-fashioned, twists, filled, and more! Good selection overall.

Where is Daylight Donuts (Valdosta, GA)?