Here we go. This was the last donut shop of my Japanese excursion. Prior to Captain’s Donut, I had visited three other shops:

This donut came after another lengthy day hiking around Tokyo, but this time, in Shimokitazawa — a neighborhood bustling with little shops and pedestrians. This location was very authentically Japanese with very little English outside of the name. I don’t know why the name, come to think of it. The specialty of this donut shop was two-fold: their donuts were made with soy and there was an ice cream-on-top-of-a-donut donut.

There was only a simple bench for seating here, and it was only outside. This was very much a donut stand. But at least, the shop afforded a clean view into the rest of the kitchen. In fact, the donut artisan was on full display as he formed the donuts, fried them, and used a single chopstick to flip them.

I enjoyed the experience a lot because of the genuine location of Captain’s Donut. It was set on a narrow street full of shops and the hustle and bustle of people.

If you’re in the Shimokatawa neighborhood, stop by. Then, go check out the many other shops lining the narrow streets.

Where is Captain’s Donut (Shimokitazawa)?