I’ve been wanting to go to Bon Glaze for a long time. I’ve been here before this day (National Donut Day, 06/01/2018) and had a couple good donuts. However, it was before I started Mmm Donut. For various reasons, I haven’t been back despite Bon Glaze having couple locations — which are within 5 miles of my home and my office.

I knew Bon Glaze did some special (read: gourmet) donuts, and was eager to give their confections a review. What a great time to do it with National Donut Day this year.

The shop is in a little shopping center located nestled amongst vibrant restaurants and low-rise apartment buildings in Brookhaven, GA — at least, the one I visited. Inside is clean with a small seating areas adorned with largely two-person tables but a larger one. Nothing too fancy — that’s reserved for the donuts.

Good little shop. But note that the hours can be tricky with closing times on most days “based on selling out”. So if you want the pick of the box, you’ll want to stop in early for the favorites.

Where is Bon Glaze?