This dreary November Tuesday brought me to a little donut shop (or, is it “doughnut” shop?) in Pennsylvania. I was visiting a client that morning so thought it’d be fun to bring in a colorful batch of 12. Well, 11. Since I was bringing donuts in for an office, I did not opt to eat two. Just the one this go-round — the Drunken Pirate.

Benchwarmer’s Coffee & Doughnuts is an easy-to-find shop off a major street in the little town of [West] Reading, PA. This morning, we stopped by at 720AM. There was plentiful street parking at this point. Maybe it was just that much easier to get in and out because of the dreary weather and the early hour.

Benchwarmer’s is a make-to-order shop. Of course, they have a menu full of options to choose from. I was informed that typically picking up a dozen meant customers would call ahead of time. Since I didn’t know this, the employee’s informed me it’d take 10-15 minutes to get everything ready, especially with my varied selection.

What I like most about make-to-order shops is the donuts are served warm — at least, this one like Duck Donuts. Some folks opt for hot soup on a cold, wet day. Others choose for a hot chocolate. This guy? This guy swings for the donuts.

Overall, I enjoyed the little shop. There was nice decor including frames with quotes like, “Coffee shop with a doughnut problem”. Definitely a good bit of charm like a good New England-ish local spot should have. The doughnuts are heavier — closer to cake than raised. However, their assortment of toppings makes these donuts both intriguing to the eye and tasty.

Where is Benchwarmer’s Coffee & Doughnuts (West Reading, PA)?