I did not see any special titles to the donuts at Zombie Donuts. Instead, they all seemed to be relatively the same outside of the designs themselves. There were certainly more ornately decorated halos of confectionary. Some were more macabre in designs to which I’m really not a fan of. (Yes, that means I’m not a horror movie guy.)

So, I opted for one of the more subtle zombies—dare I say, “cute”.

No, I don’t.

Anyways, what I immediately noticed after being handed the donut was, “DAMN, MY FINGERS ARE BURNING!” The vendor didn’t tell me he was warming up the donuts. And by “warming up” I mean making the donut incredibly hot to the touch. I was very surprised at this. Leave it to me to not watch the vendor prepare the donut the one time it’s scalding hot. Note to you if you go, it’ll be coming in hot!

Other than that, the donut was great warm. It’s something real different that I don’t get—just like when I went to Duck Donuts months ago.

The zombie frosting here was not the typically “smooth” frosting coverage. Instead, it was one of those smooth-but-you-can-taste-the-sugar-granules sensation. If this type of taste or texture had a word for it, it’d be “matte” finish. Smooth, but with teeny-tiny granules.

Outside of this, the donut was simple. Nothing special about the dough or taste outside of the sugar.

For me, I really enjoyed it, but it’s partly due to not having had a donut in a long time with relatively low expectations of what a donut in the Middle East would taste like.

At the Global Village (the setting of this particular escapade to Zombie Donuts), there are plenty of dessert options everywhere. However, there’s only one place to get donuts. Doesn’t that make your decision that much easier?


Where is Zombie Donuts (Global Village, Dubai)?