On this particular day of January 6, 2019, Vive La Tarte had two cream-filled donuts: banana ginger donut and vanilla donut.

Well, if the donut was just banana, that would’ve been a change of pace for me. If the donut was just giner, that would’ve been a change of pace for me. Alas, the “other” donut was a banana + ginger donut. That was too much for me, so I opted for their Vanilla Donut this day. (Hey, the donut was already cream-filled — NOT a normal for me.)

The layer of sugar crystals all over the outside of the donut was reminiscent of the hundred layer donuts I get from Five Daughters Bakery. From the get-go, I was expecting a real sweetness overload. If you think I wrote that to go in a different direction and tell you it wasn’t sweet, well, you’re wrong. The donut was indeed sweet. The vanilla cream inside just added to the sweetness but lighter sweet way. Instead, the cream was thick with a strong hint of vanilla.

But all of that seemed muted to be honest by the dough. As you can see from the Dough Density, the Vanilla Donut was very dense. I wasn’t expecting that. I was more prepared for the sweet to hit me along with more… airy bite into the donut and to be immersed by the cream that was spilling through the side injection port. (Sounds so mechanical.) Instead, the dough was much denser and made me think a lot about the whole experience of the dough. It was odd. Maybe it was all because I’m reviewing donuts that I kept saying, “well, the D2 is certainly going to be high.”

But otherwise, I did like the vanilla cream filling. The vanilla taste was light. Its smell was fragrant.

Good donut. But if I were to go back to Vive La Tarte, I’d want to try out the other pastries.


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