Ah, it came to the third stop on our eatinerary of our Donut Tour to find my favorite donut of the day. By this point, I had three other donuts including:

I was on my first Donut Tour with two friends, and by the end of it, we all picked favorite shops that were completely different. Mine was this… this simple, light, delightful Maple-Iced donut from Tip Top Donuts.

What I enjoyed most was that it was light and simple. I’m not a fancy donut afficionado. Really, I’m not a fancy guy period. I don’t like fancy sushi, food, etc. I’m pretty cut-straight from the cloth. In this way, the Maple-Iced Donut hit all the donuts I was looking for including a fantastic D2.

The icing was light, and as you can see from the images, it was a firm shell of sweetness. It was thin, and thus, not overwhelming. You can get that hint of maple-sugar which is distinct from just any sugar.

It’s what I was really excited about. It took till the third stop to find it. Good, delicious things come to those who wait.


Where is Tip Top Donuts (Marietta, GA)?