Malasadas are Tex Drive-In’s take on donuts. They’re dough that’s been fried. Except here, Tex will fill the donuts with a little something-something. In my case, I chose the chocolate filling.

The malasada is delivered fresh and hot from the kitchen. It’s in the shape of a rectangle with a little port where the Tex employees pump with filling, if desired.

The exterior is heavily sprinkled with granulated sugar much like other donuts you can find here at Mmm… Donut. But they also resemble and taste a lot like Chinese donuts you’ll find in some Chinese buffets. That is, they’re relatively simple dough fried and sprinkled with sugar. But in this case, there’s chocolate filling inside this dough pocket.

The chocolate filling was very smooth. In fact, the filling is a lot like chocolate pudding. It has the same thick consistency and smooth.

There’s really no frills to this donut and the taste likely won’t have you missing it after leaving. It’s a good snack post-horseback riding (which was the activity du jour that day in Hawaii).


Where is Tex Drive-In (Honoka’a)?