As I stopped by Taste Track having just found out Epcot sold donuts, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was not just ordinary donuts sold here. I believe folks are calling these “cronuts”. I immediately got excited (probably salivated) thinking about the cronuts from Five Daughters.

I had eaten a lot during the days leading up to our visit to Epcot that days, so I did not opt for ice cream piled on top of my cronut. Instead, I went for the simple Croissant Doughnut with sprinkles. The sprinkles had a certain sparkle about them that I hadn’t run into before. Typical sprinkles are just one, matte finish. However, the donut was very generously covered in sprinkles on top.

The frosting that was used was a bit sweeter than I had expected as well. Or perhaps, it was the whole donut that tasted that much sweeter. I just knew that it was a very sweet donut.

It was relative airy given its croissant genes baked in. There weren’t as many layers of dough that the Five Daughters Hundred-Layer donuts typically command. In this case, the donut’s base seemed to be a little more cooked as well. This ended up giving the bottom layer a little more chewiness rather than a quick bite.

Overall, I’m happy with the Croissant Doughnut with Sprinkles. It broke up the Disney food scene that I had gotten accustomed to. It was a little chewier than I wanted, but as a non-permanent fixture at Epcot, they did well.


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