Sublime’s White Chocolate


Nestled in a busy shopping center at a busy intersection, it’d be easy to be go-go and fly by the glorious 24-hour artistry that is Sublime Doughnuts. Here, there are pictures of donuts and ice cream (yes, there’s ice cream, too) adorning the wall and donut pillows on a leather couch. Their donuts (or, “doughnuts”) are creative and some experimental in flavor. Today, we review their White Chocolate donut complete with chocolate slivers of frosting that has been finely raked to give it extra panache. It was a tasty, sweet donut for sure. Perhaps because of its white chocolaty-ness, then, that it was not as chocolaty as I was expecting. Definitely a donut that will satisfy cravings, and will not force an eater out of his/ her comfort zone.


Where Is Sublime Doughnuts?

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