These chocolate-frosted donuts with sprinkles are like my chocolate chip cookie. It’s my gold standard. I get them all the time, but perhaps I should really pivot towards the untraditional donuts. But given I was getting a sour cream donut and my initial apprehension because of the “sour cream”, I was interested in getting a second donut that would be reliable.

As I chewed on the first bite, I remarked it’s similarity to the classic chocolate-frosted with sprinkles donut from Krispy Kreme. It was not quite as light and airy as the Krispy Kreme standard. However, it was the reliability I was looking for and got. The chocolate frosting was a pinch stronger in chocolatey taste than the Krispy Kreme cousin.

Like the artisan (Sub-Base Dandy Donuts), this was a no-frills experience. It delivered what I was looking for. Sometimes, that’s all you need, and that’s all you really want.



Where Is Sub-Base Dandy Donuts?