I didn’t know what millet was at first. I saw the sign for Small MI Donut, and thought Millet was part of the name. Instead, millet is a type of grain–one that is supposedly very nutritious along with vegan and gluten-free. And boy, did I enjoy this donut.

The donut was served warm with a matcha powder on top. The matcha was a subtle hint. But what I also liked about this donut was the texture of it. At first, I thought the donut was made of a tapioca or mochi base much like MoDo’s Cookies and Cream and MoDo’s Kuro Black Sesame. At least, this is what I thought for the longest time till I later realized it was millet.

The millet gave the donut a slight chewy texture that was soft and light. Yet, it was still moist, not dry. This was a surprisingly great donut, and one that I continued to crave during my entire trip in Taipei.

So. Many. Props.


Where is Small MI Donuts (Linjiang Street Night Market, Taipei, Taiwan)?