I’ve always been a fan of white chocolate. I’ve loved the white chocolate Kit Kats and the white chocolate truffles. This donut was no different — instant LOVE. The white chocolate and ganache worked real well together. But what really stood out for me that I enjoyed was the crunch compliments of the hazelnut pralines (misppelled “praines” in the donut collection photos you can find for the Scream’n Nuts store post). On a donut that is otherwise soft and smooth (because of the buttercream frosting), the crunch was a dimension that was nice. It just added a contrast that was surprising and appreciated.

As I mentioned with the Chocolate Toffee, I had a lingering buttercream flavor in my mouth a couple hours later. Not necessarily a bad thing if not a sign for hydration and other foods eaten. I couldn’t pin point the hint on my tongue from this donut or the other. In any case, it’s likely just from the buttercream frosting. But, you should definitely considering getting a donut with a little extra crunch like this one.


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