As you can see, this donut scored highly for both Chocoholicism and the Frosting Factor. The dough was great in not being cakey (not my thing). For some reason, I felt that there was two sections to this donut — a top and a bottom. As I looked at the donut’s inside after taking a bite, I felt my suspicion was confirmed. It just seemed more pronounced that other donuts I’ve had in knowing this was cooked on the top and from the bottom. You’ll have to try it out to know what I’m talking about. Just something different for me.

I felt that the frosting was indeed more than I had anticipated before walking into the store. I had seen an image or two from the Scream’n Nuts’ Instagram page, but consuming it was another experience. It was delicious, for sure. I could also definitely taste a smoother frosting because of its buttercream character. The toffee taste was strong, too, which was different. Toffee is not normally something I enjoy.

Nice donut with a strong chocolate flavor. Very sweet. One little note with this one (and with the White Chocolate Nutella) was that I still had a lingering buttercream flavor in my mouth a couple hours later. This was both a reminder to drink more water, but also a little “flavor savor” for later.


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