On one sweet spectrum, there are donuts. On the other side of the spectrum, there is ice cream. Or, perhaps you cakes / cupcakes, eclairs, etc. But sometimes, you can meld two sweet treats into one. In this Scream ‘N Nuts case, we have the Birthday Cake Donut. I love birthday cakes. They taste great, and they typically come with a good helping of rainbow sprinkles. This donut held its end of the bargain being a wonderful amalgamation of the two.

Starting off, you have the soft, pliable dough that Scream ‘N Nuts is so well-known for. The bite is clean without being too heavy, dense, dry, etc. It was just plain good.

Then, you have the smooth icing that Scream ‘N Nuts also fills the little donut hole with to also help differentiate their donuts from the rest of the world while not overstepping to become “something-filled”.

And finally, you have the toppings. Not only do you get the rainbow sprinkles, but as you bite and chew, you’re met with a different type of crunch coming from the little pearls that are akin to a dry cookie texture.

So, though, it wasn’t my birthday, it was great to get a little present this particular day on Halloween 2020 as the pandemic continued to surge. But really, whenever Scream ‘N Nuts has these Birthday Cake Donuts on display, do yourself a favor–grab one. Heck, do me a favor and grab me one. Thanks in advance.


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