I was trying to go somewhat outside of the box when I selected this star-sprinkled donut from Sarah Donuts. Sure, it’s very similar to my love–chocolate-frosted with rainbow sprinkles. However, when I selected this one, I chose it thinking it’d be filled with some jelly. I mean, it’s a giant star. Surely, there’s something in it, right?

Well, yes and no. On the one hand, this was not filled with any jelly. It was just pure dough.

However, I really liked this donut. The dough was certainly there, but it was incredibly soft and fluffy. (Cue: little girl from the movie Despicable Me of shaking a stuffed unicorn aggressively murmuring, “it’s soo fluffy!”)

Alas, as I took my first bite, I couldn’t help but think, “wow! This is light as #$*k.” That, it was. However, I was thinking with my next bite taking out half the star, I’d be front teeth-deep into jelly. But nope! I was only met with the same light and fluffy dough.

I didn’t mind not having filling. It was just my initial reaction when I first so a donut that wasn’t actually in the shape of a normal donut. But when it’s this light and fluffy, why would you want anything else?


Where is Sarah Donuts (Decatur, GA)?