My trip to Rituals for this donut is a story in itself to which you can read all about. I don’t normally go for a filling-type of donut. However, it was the only donut that really looked special out of the donuts at Rituals, so why not? After all, aside from the filling, the rest of the texture, Dough Density, etc. looked the same for all the others that were low in Uniqueness anyways.

So how was it? Meh.

It was certainly a large donut as evidenced by the phone next to it. It had a bit of heft to it. If someone made a single donut a meal like breakfast or lunch, this would be the donut.

The taste was, otherwise, rather bland. The blueberry filling seemed many more times sugar than blueberries. This donut reminded me so much of the “honey bun” snacks that I used to find in vending machines – sticky, doughy, very sweet. You might be saying, “Daryl… that’s what a donut is.” But that’s not true. Donuts have character. They have artistry and creativity baked into (and onto) them. This was just a simple version of the donut. But on an island with relatively no other options, you can’t have your donut and eat it, too.


Where Is Rituals (Kittian Village)?