Pistachios… I started enjoying these little nut things a few years ago. I’m pretty sure I started before those darned pistachio commercials featuring dancing sensation Psy flooded TV. However, I’ve never been a guy to just add pistachios willy-nilly to things like ice cream (as nutty bits or seamless blended into).

As part of the mystery box and as part of this site, I decided, “what the hey… let’s give it a go.” To be honest, too, I didn’t even know what this donut was all about. It was a donut. I could see the pistachio crumbles. That was all I needed to say it was different and to do something different.

When I first bit into the donut, it was surprising. It wasn’t surprising because of the pistachios or of the yeast-raised doughy texture (which, by the way, gives this a more “chewy” texture… but a good chewy, not a got-stuck-in-your-teeth-have-to-also-chew-40-times-to-consume). Instead, the revelation I had was the strong hint of fruit. In this case, it was the orange. That little bit made me look at what this sucker was called, and sure enough, the first word in the name was “Orange”. Fair enough.

While eating the donut, the dough was great. It’s certainly different from other doughs because of its yeasty nature. Aside from the dough and the orange, I thought I would taste more of the pistachio, but I didn’t. Maybe because I was expecting the same lightly-salted flavor of many pistachios I’ve eaten over the years. However, I didn’t really taste the pistachio. Instead, I only tasted/ felt the texture of the crunch as I chewed. Not a bad thing or a good thing. Instead, it because a nice duet between the softness of the dough and the crunch of the pistachio as I bit fully down.

Definitely a different donut than what I typically have. The orange tint gave this a nudge higher on the Uniqueness factor as traditionally, frosting of on this type of donut would have been more commonplace like chocolate.

I’m happy I changed it up.


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