White ganache with chocolate?! It’s white?! It’s not just chocolate ganache, but it’s white?! Sign. Me. Up!

This was a delicious donut. The white ganache was beautifully smooth. Meanwhile, the chocolate and white chocolate curls adorning the top of this donut added a delicate, yet firm texture on this donut. Each bite was like sinking my teeth into a little chocolate slice of halo-y heaven. In fact, this would be the halo on top of donut angels. Yes, the very donut angels that served the Donut Gods who made the trip to Randy’s Donut possible.

The white ganache with chocolate was a fantastic complement to the soft, airy dough that made up this beautiful donut.

If you can’t tell, I enjoyed this donut. If you like chocolate, you will, too. Go. Enjoy.


Where is Randy’s Donuts (Inglewood)?