I love green tea. Thereby, I love matcha. Bring matcha to the world of donuts, and I love the idea.

In the case of Randy’s Donuts, their Matcha Tea Raised donut is under their Fancy section. I always fancied myself a fancy person for being such a savvy tea drinker. In fact, as I type this post, I’m having a tea. See? I am a connoisseur of all sorts of fine things including this matcha donut.

The frosting is where the matcha was infused. It was a nice, thick layer of frosting that was still soft. It was not a heavy crunch, but it had that little bit of outside, subtle crunch with a soft “center” type of frosting. Hopefully, you know what I’m talking about because it’s a fine texture.

The matcha flavor itself was very subtle. In fact, I may have polluted the taste a bit as the donut was in a box shared with my wife’s mint donut which was a very strong flavor. Or in this case as I was eating my match donut, the mint’s overwhelming aroma certainly infiltrated the heavy frosting of the matcha donut. And given the matcha donut’s light flavor (and in some ways, very soft mintyness anyways), it actually tasted much more like mint. However, as I let the donut sit in my mouth, I could start pick up that little match taste.

The Dough Density was one of my preferred–that is, mid-30 score.

This was a good donut. Though, I do wish the matcha flavor was stronger. I wanted that strong matcha taste that I think about when I order a matcha tea from a tea house. What would’ve been even more dope would be if the matcha flavor was infused into the dough itself. That would’ve been a nice surprise that would’ve surely built up its entire match flavor profile.


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