Puerto Rico’s Rio Grande is not a hotbed of donuts. But whoever is making them at Puertorrican Bakery knows his / her stuff and should considering opening some more spots all around. Their white-frosted donut was great–thoroughly enjoyed.

  1. The donut was big. Look at the size of that thing in comparison to the paper plate!
  2. Though the dough was more doughy than I typically like, it was light.
  3. *and really the part that set this one apart* The frosting was like a warm, sweet, thick blanket of sugar melded together to cover the donut lovingly.

Now, frosting is pretty much sugar, but applied in this way, it wasn’t just a bunch of sugar thrown together. Or, maybe it was–I’m not a baker. I just enjoyed the difference style the frosted was applied. It held together in a pseudo-chewy factor.

When I saw the donut from behind glass, I didn’t think much of it. However, when I got the donut in all its hefty, frosted glory… and saw the frosting just drape over the side like a waterfall of sweetness, I was excited. As was probably the dentist industry.

In the end, the frosting was a lot. I mean… a lot. It was draped / spilling over, after all. But I enjoyed the donut as a great way to start off my vacation.


Where is Puertorrican Bakery (Rio Grande, Puerto Rico)?