Since this donut (“doughnut”) was piled high with ice cream and other confections, this was not the type I could just pick up and eat. Nor do I have a jaw that unhinges to take a real quality bite of the donut + all its trimmings.

It’s daunting. And if you look hard enough, it’s also kinda-sorta-cute. The bakers put in milk chocolate circles on either side of the big scoop of ice cream to represent Mickey ears. However, there was so much on the donut that it was hard to find one of the ears, let alone see both ears and what they were trying to do.

Taking a bite (via spoon) was easy enough. I tried to get as much of the whole concoction with each spoonful. There was a fair bit of chocolate with each bite thanks to the chocolate syrup and chocolate chips. The peanut butter morsels provided another hint of flavor that I don’t typically eat outside of a sandwich.

I admit I was slightly cautious on how I ate this having more sensitive teeth. The cold would sting my teeth. However, I needed to use my teeth to also bite into and chew up the chocolate chips and Mickey’s ears. (Side note: sounds real evil of me when I talk about chewing up Mickey’s ears.)

The donut itself seemed pretty dense. It wasn’t a cake donut. However, perhaps because of the ice cream, the dough was frozen to be much chewier, and thus, would compact together to seem denser than it probably was. In any case, I don’t suspect the taste of the donut would have changed that much more if I had taken off all the toppings. At best, it tasted like the simple glazed donut bought in half-dozens at the grocery store.

But hey, when you’re in Disney…


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