I went a little off-brand with the Orange Pistachio Yeast-Raised, so I wanted to stay closer to home for my second donut of the day at Revolution Doughnuts — welcome to the Dark Chocolate Yeast-Raised.

As you can imagine, this one was pretty simple in terms of creativity. What sets this one apart from your staple chocolate frosted donut are two elements:

  1. Vegan vis-a-vis yeast-raised.
  2. Dark chocolate, not your garden variety milk chocolate frosting.

The dark chocolate was not that strong, though. I did look at the water container as I ate the donut, but I wasn’t craving water. I suppose that’s my metric for a dark chocolate factor — do I need to run to the water cooler, walk, or am I mostly good without?

Other than that, the dough was, as expected, slightly more chewy than typical doughy donuts. These donuts that Revolution specializes are a hair more chewy. They’re not to the level of having to chew for minutes on-end to consume. Instead, they’re just a smooth texture that gives you a more satisfying “cut” as you bite down.


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