I love cookies and cream. In fact, it’s the ice cream flavor of choice for me probably 50% of the time I get ice cream to eat at home. When I saw MoDo had the cookies and cream flavor, it was pretty much a lock.

The MoDo Cookies and Cream donut is glorious. It comes in a large beaded-necklace form that is perfect for sharing situations. That is, you can control portion via these bite-sized bead portions.

The donut is made from a mochi flour that gives the donut a very subtle chewiness. Sometimes, chewiness is not a good thing like for steak. In this case, it works very, very well for the donut. It’s soft and smooth.

Now, let’s get back to the cookies and cream flavor. It comes via the frosting that is poured directly on top of the donut. It’s a smooth, delicious taste. The donut follows up on the smooth frosting with very slight crunches provided by the cookie crumbs sprinkled on top. Anything this smooth from the donut to the frosting can only get enhanced with sparse crunches. Plus, again, this is cookies ‘n cream! It only makes sense to add the cookie part on top of the creamy smooth frosting.

Very good. Would love to do this again.


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