As I said in my post with the Pon De Cocoa, I was super excited about these Pon De *donuts* from Mister Donut. My mind recalled MoDo’s Cookies and Cream and MoDo’s Kuro Black Sesame mochi donuts which I thoroughly enjoyed. The Cocoa could be considered pretty standard fare for me, so I wanted to try something a little different. This is how I landed on the Pon De Pumpkin donut.

We were visiting Mister Donut (and Taipei, for that matter) just before Halloween, so pumpkin has been a bit thing for everyone. I’m not really a pumpkin spice person, either, but I really wanted to try something different.

The pumpkin flavor here was very subtle. I don’t normally eat pumpkin, so couldn’t tell if pumpkin flavor is normally so light. But in this case, I really didn’t taste too much.

What did I taste then? Well, unfortunately, a tasted not much. I tasted… dryness. The donut seemed extremely dry. This was even more chewy than the other mochi (or mochi-like donut like the millet donut I had days before) donuts I’ve had. In other instances, when I bit down through a donut, the mochi would almost split in half as if my teeth was a knife. This donut, however, would compress and be squished–again, more chewy.

This was a big bummer because there weren’t many donut options in Taipei and given Mister Donut is huge here, I was really rooting for a good quality donut here for the good Taiwanese people. Or, at least, my view and taste of good. Others may really enjoy these donuts. Or, if you’re just familiar with Mister Donut, you may never never know what you’re missing like those from MoDo.

And my other take-away? I’m still ambivalent towards pumpkin. Ah well…


Where is Mister Donut (Taipei City Hall Bus Station, Taipei, Taiwan)?