When I first saw the Pon De Cocoa donut at Mister Donut, I was super excited. The wonderful tastes of MoDo’s Cookies and Cream and MoDo’s Kuro Black Sesame immediately entered my mind. Mochi in donuts… who would’ve thought they’d be my kryptonite.

This particular teething ring of a donut made me really excited–there was chocolate all over. The mochi-dough was chocolate. There was chocolate–okay, cocoa–frosting. And there were even little square bits of chocolate sprinkled on top!

Sadly, I wasn’t very impressed with this donut. I felt that it was too dry. The cocoa flavor was good and strong. However, chocolate has a way of making you crave some sort of drink like milk. Couple that with this oddly dry donut, I felt parched.

This was even more chewy than the other mochi (or mochi-like donut like the millet donut I had days before) donuts I’ve had. In other instances, when I bit down through a donut, the mochi would almost split in half as if my teeth was a knife. This donut, however, would compress and be squished–again, more chewy. It was an odd phenomenon. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled with the other donuts that based on what I like, this donut failed to deliver on my heightened expectations.

Want cocoa, though? This is a good donut for cocoa.


Where is Mister Donut (Taipei City Hall Bus Station, Taipei, Taiwan)?