I’ve seen Fruity Pebbles on donuts before. It’s pretty common to sprinkle on donuts some cereal. In this case, it was the first time I said, “why the heck not? YOLO!” (I did NOT say, “YOLO”.)

Let me start with what I like–it was light. The donut ranked favorably on the D2. It was clean. Simple.

Okay, let’s continue what really nagged me about this donut–tasted STALE. Given Fruity Pebbles are rice crisps, I was reminded a lot of… rice krispies–the cereal I grew up eating a lot of. I was expecting the same delightful, light crunch. But instead, I got a soft rice crisp. Perhaps after sprinkling the Fruity Pebbles on the frosting–which was a “wet” icing rather than one that is dry–the rice crisp absorbed some of the moisture from the frosting. I just couldn’t shake this texture that the cereal was old or stale–a cereal that was left in the corner of the closet for the whole of Atlanta summer, and thus, got itself some good ole humidity.

I rarely don’t like a donut, but this was one of the few I can say I will not order again. Hard pass.


Where is Marietta Donuts (Marietta, GA)?